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Before you can sell a million you have to make one.  That's our most important service. Our designs have been award winners in outdoor gear and sportsman accessories. Successful design of products made of fabrics, polymers, cords and connectors benefit from our attention to quality detail, knowledge of real production demands and processes, and most importantly a thoughtful and timely communication with our client. 

Sure, our designs have ended up in the stores and catalogs of the giants, but the largest part of  our work is for clients who offer specialty products in niche markets.  Sporting goods, military gear, pet products, baby products, medical specialties, outdoor gear, and many more.

Our clients limit their new product risks by test marketing.  We help with short run production. We sometimes make only two.  Sometimes we make two hundred. Sometimes we make each product as a custom order, when the clients sells, we make for the order.

This website offers information about the types of materials we have experience with and the nature of production we can successfully undertake.